St. Catherine

St. Catherine University is located in Matsuyama City in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Japan Inland Sea, it is an ideal location for students to embrace their dreams and head toward their futures.

The university is managed under the auspices of the Congregation of Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic. It is named after St. Catherine of Siena who represents the values of devotion and dedication to be instill in the students.

St. Catherine University was established in 1988 on the campus of St. Catherine Junior College, which had been established in 1966. Both the university and the junior college were established as higher education institutions for women and they became co-educational in 2004.

The campus also houses St. Martin's Home, an intensive-care home for the aged, and a pre-school kindergarten that is attached to the junior college.

There are two research institutes: The Research Institute of Humanity and Culture and The Institute for Christian Studies.

St. Catherine University joined the International Council of Universities of St. Thomas Aquinas (ICUSTA) in 2007. This links the university to a world-wide network of catholic universities inspired by the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. This organization promotes academic exchange between students, professors and researchers in numerous universities on five continents.