Mission and Motto

St. Catherine

The mission of St. Catherine University can be summed up as "Amor et Veritas" (Love and Truth). This is a Christian university with a world vision and the ideal of its education is educating students who can promote world peace and a community spirit. Love and truth reflect the spirit of the founding order of St. Dominic. The spirit of scholarship, the promotion of universal values, and the development of a high moral consciousness are a reflection of the principles of St. Catherine of Siena.

The university motto is represented in the words Sincerity, Strength, and Service. The emphasis of education at St. Catherine University is to direct our students towards these principles. Sincerity is a building block of society that allows people to abide mutually in trust and confidence together. Strength is needed for the care of mankind and helps the individual to face the distress of our surroundings and environment with a sound heart and sound health. Service represents the efforts of all mankind to promote growth and spread peace from the people to the region and from the region to the civilization as a whole.